Employment Opportunities

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Instructors are contracted to teach a specific skill as related in the class proposal. The instructor must be able to demonstrate the necessary knowledge and performance of skill in his/her area of expertise, present and organize materials concisely and show strong communication skills. Sunnyside Parks & Recreation requires the assistance of our instructors to meet our goals and succeed in fulfilling our mission. 


  • Must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Any equivalent combination of education, training, experience, knowledge, and abilities, which would allow individual to perform the duties of the position, will be considered.

Required Licenses or Certifications:

  • Current CPR and First Aid or ability to obtain by start date

Job Duties:

  • Facilitate recreational programs.
  • Provide leadership and effective problem-solving skills.
  • Monitor the safety of participants.
  • Handle minor emergent situations that may arise as per city policy
  • Complete reports and file paperwork as needed.
  • Communicate with participants and guardians in a manner that favorably represents the City of Sunnyside.

Supplemental Information: Contracted Instructors do not fall under the definition of employee in the City of Sunnyside, therefore are not eligible for City benefits. The City will not withhold money for social security or income taxes. It is the contractor’s responsibility to satisfy any taxes due in an appropriate manner. Contract instructors who earn in excess of $600 annually will be reported to the IRS and issued a 1099 form annually. To ensure the safety of participants, the City of Sunnyside requires all contract instructors and helpers complete and pass a National Background Check.

Instructor percentages are paid based on the resident rate. A signed instructor contract and the completed class attendance roster, including any additional drop-in slips, must be submitted to your Recreation Coordinator to begin the payment process. The City of Sunnyside will mail a check to instructors within 2 weeks following the completion of the class session. Payments may be delayed due to holidays and any unforeseen events that conflict with the check issue date. Automatic deposit is not available for contracted instructors.

Our general revenue split percentage structure is:

  • 55% - Starting rate at SPR
  • 60% - After one year, rate could increase based on continuous growth and positive program evaluations.
  • 65%- After two years, rate could increase based on continuous growth and positive program evaluations.