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Parks and Recreation Update 

In addition to the information below, we ask that you keep an eye out for programming opportunities at our "Sunnyside Community Center", "Senior Services" and  Facebook page.


Sunnyside Community – We would like to caution you on the use of playgrounds and athletic areas such as basketball or tennis courts.  We would like to promote more ‘movement’ activities such as walking, jogging, or biking which are activities more suited towards social distancing. Our playgrounds are not wiped down and cleaned to standards that would be considered sanitized in between all the use. We want to remind you of this and ask that you continue to use judgement when using our park facilities. Keeping parks open for people to enjoy is our priority, please make sure you are doing your part in keeping our parks safe.

The community center will remain closed until early 2022, due to UW Medicine and Yakima Health District renting out the center to provide COVID-19 Testing. The schedule is posted underneath this notice within the slideshow. 
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 Other Community Recreation Programs: 

Grid kids football - Max Saldana 509-830-3494
Cal Ripken baseball/ softball - Chevy and Sara Palomarez 509-840-1597 / 509-840-3121
509 Insanity Basketball - Lupe Maldonado 509-391-9632
Wrestling - Monica Guillen 509-830-4300
Dungeon Boxing - Jose Cruz Ramos 509-439-3879
Volleyball Club - Becky Norem 509-840-4046
SASA Soccer - Trish Combs 509-391-5443